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Rybak Evgenii Vasilevich, aircraft technician, JSC «Rossiya-Airlines» (18/4 Pilotov street, Saint Petersburg, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The relevance of the work is associated with possible interruptions in the operation of aviation equipment due to weather conditions. Because of the elements, all flights can be canceled at once. Forced downtime of aviation technology adversely affects the operation of airports. The purpose of the article is to show how much human, time and economic resources are required to re-enter the aircraft into operation.
Materials and methods. The procedure and maintenance process is strictly regulated by the aircraft manufacturer AIRBUS. All technology, materials, and special equipment are listed in the main documents «Aircraft Maintenance Manual» and «Aircraft structural Repair Manual».
Results. The article discusses the process and procedure for aircraft maintenance in a sand and dust storm. A step-bystep inspection of all elements and systems of the aircraft, as well as damage assessment and necessary component replacements are described.
Conclusion. Eliminating the effects of sand and dust storm pollution is a long-term and economically unprofitable process. At the same time, the prediction of such weather disasters as sand and dust storms is of particular importance. 

Key words

inspection, pollution, engineering personnel, airline, dust and sand storm, operation 

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